Sold Pipe Details

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Pipe Specs
  • Price:
    $400.00 Already Sold
  • Finish:
    Antique Red
  • Size:
    4.80" x 1.99"
  • Bowl:
    .80" x 1.62"
  • Weight:
    37 grams

Military Mount Billiard

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I have to start by saying I am jealous of whoever buys this pipe ! To my mind it is the perfect blend of lightweight, beautifully balanced and gracefully curved. With its classic shaping and antique Red stain it blends old school with something entirely modern. The pipe is just flat enough on the bottom to make it a nice Sitter. The Cumberland military mount stem matches the antique red stain beautifully. The cap is hand turned Sterling Silver. King Grade. You surely can't go wrong with a pipe like this in any collection.