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Pipe Specs
  • Price:
    $345.00 Already Sold
  • Finish:
    5,000 Year Old Morta
  • Size:
    4.80" x 1.71"
  • Bowl:
    .78" x 1.26"
  • Weight:
    45 grams

Morta Author

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A Fantastic and handsome smaller Morta Author. The Color of the Morta and Ebonite contrast beautifully with the Synthetic Ivory ring. The ring is Inlaid into the shank, and drilled to form the mortise that the stem fits into. The man made Ivory has a delicate and beautiful pattern that mimics the dentine pattern of real Ivory. Unfortunately, this detail barely shows up in pictures, except for a hint of it in the last picture showing the Mortise with stem removed. This pipe promises a fantastic smoke, and would make a fine addition to any collection !