Ch ch ch Changes.

Changes are coming, but slowly. For one thing, this website has been long neglected ! I am making it a point this year to keep Available Pipes listed. It is tough to do with a Commission list a mile long, which I always seem to slip further behind on. New pipes will be listed on Friday evenings, when they are available. I figure this way it keeps it simple. If you'd like to see whats new, now you know when to have a peek !

Another big change happened late in 2014, but is still an ongoing project. We moved from Dallas in December of last year, and my shop moved from Rowlett to our new home outside of Edgewood Texas. The peace and quiet here is wonderful, but the list of things to do goes on and on forever ! I am just starting to get settled in well and get a good flow for the work, so expect production to keep creeping its way onward and upward.

The quality of work these days exceeds anything I've done in the past. Tiny details of fit finish and stain are finally lining up where I'd like them to be, and for the first time I feel like every detail of construction is where I've always wanted it to be. It's time to start branching out a bit. Expect to see a bit more experimenting in shape and finish come out of my shop in the next year. 


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