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Pipe Specs
  • Price:
    $300.00 Already Sold
  • Finish:
    Burgundy Blast
  • Size:
    5" x 1.9"
  • Bowl:
    .76" x 1.55" Conical
  • Weight:
    31 grams

1/4 Bent Dublin

(This Pipe Has Been Sold, Contact Me Today To Commission One Like It!)

This is a great pipe, compact, well balanced, with a respectable sized chamber and an absolutely fantastic crosscut blast. The stem and ring are Cumberland. The tobacco chamber is a true conical shape that tapers from the rim of the pipe to the bottom of the bowl. This gives a nice thick and even bowl wall between .34"-.40" thick throughout and should make for one heck of a flake pipe. The conical tobacco chamber is around .76" at its widest point, around .66" near the middle and around .56" wide at the bottom of the bowl. The tobacco chamber is approximately 1.55" deep. The bowl is uncoated as nearly all my pipes are, and you will find 3 tiny sand spots inside the bowl if you looks closely. It is my belief these will never cause a problem, but my pipes are guaranteed for life to their original owner against burnout. Break it in gently and you will forget they (and the tiny spots of stain that seep through) ever existed. Of course I could cover them with a bowl coat, but my preference is to simply point them out and guarantee against any issue. This pipe will make a fine addition to any collection !