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Pipe Specs
  • Price:
    $350.00 Already Sold
  • Finish:
    Earth Tone
  • Size:
    4.25" x 1.54"
  • Bowl:
    .85" x 1.25"
  • Weight:
    37 Grams

Straight Apple

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A very handsome little pipe with a great Earth Tone stain on a nice Craggy blast. The Silver work is made here in my shop, and is .925 Sterling Argentium Silver. Argentium is a newer type of Sterling Silver which uses the trace element Germanium to keep the Silver from tarnishing as fast as traditional Sterling will. With time, the resistance to tarnish is supposed to keep getting better. What else is there to say ? If you enjoy Nosewarmers, or need one in the rotation, this pipe will make a fine addition to any Collection.