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Pipe Specs
  • Price:
    $450.00 Already Sold
  • Finish:
    Brindle Blast
  • Size:
    5.40" x 1.98"
  • Bowl:
    .84", tapered to .74" and 1.30" deep
  • Weight:
    54 grams


(This Pipe Has Been Sold, Contact Me Today To Commission One Like It!)

Possibly the finest pipe to come out of my shop, and that is against some fairly stiff competition ! This beautiful Horn has everything; Graceful Flowing lines, great Balance, a fantastic Brindle Contrast Blast, a nice piece of red Cumberland stem, beautiful Plateaux top and such perfect Ring Grain you can trace each year of growth easily from top to bottom. Far from a simple bit of art, this pipe promises even more in the way of performance. A nice sized bowl, a comfortable stem and impeccable airway. If you want the best, this is your chance to add another piece to the collection.